PolygonScan went down, causing unwarranted concern of blockchain outage

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Data from PolygonScan showed that the blockchain had not produced any new blocks or processed transactions for some time, leading some to believe it was suffering an outage.

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Disclaimer: The article was updated to reflect that the blockchain explorer Polygonscan was not updating correctly. Polygon has continued to produce blocks, according to OKLINK.

An outage at network explorer Polygonscan led to unfounded speculation that the Polygon blockchain was down for the count. 

Rumors surfaced that layer-2 scaling solution Polygon may have been suffering an outage after data from PolygonScan purportedly showed the blockchain has not processed a block in over an hour and a half.

The team at Polygon has since clarified that the issue came from “a few nodes” falling out of sync, and that blockchain production has not stopped.

Speculation of a possible outage first emerged on Feb. 22, with some pointing to an apparent halt in block production based on data from Polyscan — which showed the blockchain’s last block and transaction was processed at around 8:35 pm UTC on Feb. 22.

Latest blocks and transactions on Polygon. Source: Polygonscan

The network has previously suffered network outages, with the last occurring on Mar. 11, 2022 due to maintenance required on one of the network’s three layers.

Polygon Labs, the crypto firm behind the Polygon blockchain, announced on Feb. 21 that it was letting go of 20% of its workforce, or approximately 100 positions

Edit 11:45 PM UTC : While PolygonScan is down, block production had never stopped according to Kurt Patat from Polygon Labs. Other explorers such as OKLink show that blocks are still being produced. Some nodes did fall out of sync temporarily, however, which may have resulted in some temporary network degradation.

Source: cointelegraph.com

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