Developer Uncle Rockstar shares the key to Bitcoin adoption: BTC Prague 2023

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Rockstar believes that as more quality Bitcoiners join, support, communicate and collaborate, Bitcoin will continue to rise.

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BTC Prague 2023 highlighted that there remain many places in the world where Bitcoin (BTC) adoption is still in its early stages, but the community is optimistic it can onboard more BTC supporters despite the challenges that come its way.

In an interview with Cointelegraph reporter Joseph Hall, pseudonymous Bitcoin developer Uncle Rockstar, the head of Bitcoin at payment platform Strike, shared his thoughts on Bitcoin adoption and his most pressing concerns within the Bitcoin ecosystem in 2023.

The developer said the BTC Prague event allowed him to talk about his story. He said that while he had less time, he allowed people to catch “tiny bits” that he believes will let people “do the same for themselves.” He explained:

“At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. Like, how can we have more people that individually are uplifted by Bitcoin, and then can contribute to Bitcoin? And then, we increase Bitcoin adoption.”

The developer encouraged people to explore Bitcoin and reach out to him or Strike to see how they can collaborate. 

Uncle Rockstar speaks with Cointelegraph reporter Joseph Hall at BTC Prague. Source: Cointelegraph

When asked about his most pressing concerns in the Bitcoin ecosystem in 2023, the developer spoke about what he describes as the “Bitcoin derangement syndrome” and distractions with “shitcoins and the SEC [Securities and Exchange Commission]” that could cause some infighting. 

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He further explained that community members with the so-called derangement syndrome have started to make things all about themselves. Rockstar said:

“It’s like ‘me, me, I have done this. I have done that.’ Even if you look at block size wars, it was like, ‘I know what should be done!’ And then you have a number of people who are more simply better suited and know more.”

According to Rockstar, these issues reduce the focus on what should be done within the ecosystem. The developer also said he’s grateful to those who continue fighting against these bad actors within the space.

He added that everyone has a role to play in the space, and if more people join the community, Bitcoin can stay on its course.

“As long as we keep getting more quality Bitcoiners in Bitcoin, and they create a network, they’re all individual nodes. And they support each other, and they communicate with each other, and they collaborate. Bitcoin will keep rising,” Rockstar explained.

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